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Solvent Distribution Systems

Solvent Distribution Systems

Above and below ground bulk solvent storage and distribution systems are utilized at industrial and commercial facilities to enhance production line efficiency.  Quick and efficient delivery of  solvent can drastically increase manufacturing and industrial process efficiency.  These systems are similar in design and installation to fuel systems but require careful planning, both for fire prevention and for the health and safety of the workers.  The types of solvent systems include, but are not limited to, fluids such as glycol, transmission fuel, and chemical solvents such as alcohol.  The design of a solvent system is customized to suit the chemical being dispensed, the client’s requirements, and the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997, and any municipal codes.

Comco Canada Ltd. provides design and regulatory agency liaisons for all municipal and fire code approval.  Installation of a solvent system comprises a tank and piping installation (either above or below ground) for the distribution system, and placement of a fuelling reel at every dispenser location.  Each product and component is tested to ensure the component is operating based on the manufacturer’s specification and system design.

Comco Canada Ltd. has extensive knowledge and experience in the design of flammable solvent storage and distribution.  Comco has installed solvent distribution systems both above and below ground for printing operations and factory assembly line systems.  Our installations are completed based on design and manufacturer’s specifications to ensure a quality system.