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Process Pipe Installation

Process Pipe Installation

Petroleum process piping design and installation is a complex and important component in all fuel installations.  Enhanced environmental regulation has increased the responsibilities of a fuel system owner to ensure above or below ground fuel systems are designed and monitored such that they do not leak.  Designing and installing process piping systems requires experienced engineers and licensed petroleum mechanics.

Selection of Piping

There are different types of process pipe for above and below ground systems.  Above ground systems use steel piping because of Fire Code requirements. In addition, any leaks are easily detected and pose less environmental liability to a property.  Underground systems utilize three types of process piping which provide different benefits at varying cost.

Typical installations utilize schedule 40 piping, or engineered stainless steel tubing depending on the individual pressure applications.Stainless steel tubing is an engineered product installed in conjunction with engineered fittings requiring certification training prior to install. Engineers consider all options and make a selection based on site operations and requirements of materials used.

Once the type of process piping is selected, design of the pipe routing is an essential element that aids in pre-determining system performance.  The route of piping also has to be designed for accessibility for maintenance and repairs, to limit the amount of process piping underground in order to reduce the severity of a potential failure, and to use the most direct route in order to obtain maximum system performance and lowest cost.

Experience Counts

Comco Canada Ltd. has been a leader in petroleum installations for over 50 years in Central Ontario and has designed and installed quality fuel systems for our clients.  We are fully equipped to provide all design and installation of process piping on any fuelling system.