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Generator Fuel Systems

Generator Fuel Systems

In the event of a power outage, mission critical facilities such as hospitals, municipal operations and systems, structures with elevators, data processing centres, banks, prisons etc., rely on diesel power generators to provide uninterrupted power supply to sustain operations.  It is critical, therefore, that a generator fuel system is designed and installed so that it will be able to provide reliable fuel supply.

Custom Systems

The design of a generator fuel system begins by evaluating the generator requirements in order that the operation of the facility can continue if the event that there is a power failure. A generator fuelling system, properly designed, allows for a reliable supply of power within a facility in the event of a power outage.

Each installation is custom designed, based on facility needs, power consumption, building and fire codes, availability of space, and whether there is personnel on the site to respond to fuel system failure.  This often requires the use of a custom-built programmable logic controller (PLC).   Comco Canada Ltd. provides design, installation and operating manuals for all generator fuel system components, as well as the generator exhaust system.

Generator Exhaust Systems

Recent legislative changes have made many existing systems, including packaged units build to American standards, to be no longer compliant.  The most common area of failure is the generator exhaust system.  Comco Canada Ltd. provides complete installation and testing of generator exhaust systems to meet the National Fire Protection Act (US) and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) regulations.  In addition, Comco provides maintenance and quality repair for generator exhaust systems in order to prevent leakage.

Quality of Work

Comco Canada Ltd. provides quality design and installation of generator fuelling systems to meet client expectations and in accordance with all Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) regulations, building and fire codes.  Our team has installed large multi-generator fuel systems at data centres, as well as small single tank systems at water distribution pump houses.  Each system is custom designed to meet or exceed the fuel consumption requirements in case of a power outage.  Our installation teams are licensed by TSSA, fully certified and experienced in providing our clients with a customized, quality generator fuel and exhaust system.