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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Systems

dieselEngine exhaust emission regulations are becoming more stringent especially for diesel engines.  The Clean Air Act in 2010 required reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions for diesel engines.  In response, vehicle manufacturers  now install Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems in many new model diesel vehicles.  A SCR system uses Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) that is a mixture of deionized water and urea that reduces the nitrogen oxide emissions in a diesel engine.

A standard diesel engine will consume 1 litre of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) for every 100 kilometers.  This makes the addition of a DEF dispensing system to a fuelling facility a good investment to provide diesel vehicle operators with the opportunity to obtain DEF at the same time as they purchase diesel fuel.  These systems, however, can be difficult to install and require an experienced design and installation team.  The composition of DEF makes it extremely sensitive to chemical impurities.  Minute additions of trace materials can contaminate an entire storage tank of DEF which when dispensed into a vehicle causes malfunction of the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system which leads to the shutdown of the vehicle and may even void warranty.

It is fundamental that the ISO 22241-3 and ISO 22241-4 be followed in order to protect the integrity and quality of the DEF system.  A DEF system must be installed using ISO approved materials such as fibreglass and stainless steel so that the diesel exhaust fluid does not corrode system components. DEF freezes at -12°C. If the temperature of the DEF drops below its freezing point, it expands by 7% and may cause ruptures.  The system can also be contaminated by air-borne pollutants making it critical to have a closed loop system with zero leaks or loss in pressure.

Comco Canada Ltd.  follows all recommendations published in ISO 22241-3 and ISO 22241-4 to provide our clients with quality and peace of mind that our systems installed maintains the integrity and quality of the DEF dispensed.  Design of DEF systems can be above or below ground, indoors or outdoors and fitted in any operation for our clients.  System installation is completed and tested to manufacturer specification and ISO standards.  Our Installation team is knowledgeable and experienced with the recommendations of ISO standards for the storage of DEF and has completed several quality installations.  Comco provides full service to DEF dispensing systems from the design to installation and any repairs or maintenance required.