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Precision Leak Testing

The Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) for the Province of Ontario requires a Precision Leak Test on a regular basis for underground single wall tanks and piping.

Precision Leak Testing is used to detect very small leaks in tanks and piping. An undetected leak in a product line or fuel tank can have a large impact on the soil, water and/or groundwater of a property by becoming a liability and affecting the ability to sell a property in the future. Contamination on a property also affects the ability for an owner to obtain financing for mortgage or loan purposes. An undetected leak for any length of time is an environmental liability, and can migrate off property, enter watercourses, contaminate drinking water wells, or seep under foundations and lead to a costly clean – up. To minimize environmental impact, early leak detection on a fuel system is extremely important.

What is a Precision Leak Test?

Comco Canada Ltd. utilizes a method listed under the National Working Group on Leak Detection Evaluations that facilitates testing requirements to satisfy the standards of a Precision Leak Test (PLT). The testing results are provided in a form acceptable to TSSA.

In the event of a system failure, Comco provides the information to the client for notification to TSSA. The location of the system failure is provided in order to allow the replacement of the faulty components of the system.   Comco is also licensed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECP) to carry out remediation of any areas of the environment that have been impacted by leakage of petroleum product.


Petroleum Mechanics at Comco Canada Ltd. who carry out Precision Leak Tests are fully licensed/accredited and trained. Comco Canada Ltd. is a recognized as a Licensed Precision Leak Test provider by the TSSA. The equipment and procedures used to evaluate leaks meet or exceed the requirement of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols. Comco Canada Ltd. has been a petroleum contractor for more than 50 years.