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| Barrie: 705-728-0905

Toll Free: 1-800-461-6620 | Barrie: 705-728-0905

Fuel System Services

Management and operation of a fuelling facility requires routine maintenance, repairs and testing. A well maintained fuel facility generates income, saves money and reduces potential environmental liability. Fuel system services include maintenance, repair and testing of:

  • Dispenser and pump components
  • Turbine, dispenser, transition, and spill sumps
  • Submersible turbine pumps (STP’s)
  • Single and double wall product lines
  • Fuel system electrical, card lock and dispenser display
  • Cathodic protection for tanks, anode inspection and installation
  • Compliance audits
  • Precision leak testing of tanks and lines
  • Generator compliance inspections, generator fueling systems and exhaust components
  • Heating fuel oil tank components and inspections

Full Service Solution

Comco Canada Ltd. provides timely service for bulk plants, municipal fuel facilities, card lock fuelling stations, fleet fuelling stations, marinas,heating fuel oil systems and generators. In the event of a system failure Comco provides emergency 24/7 response by a Licensed Petroleum Mechanic.

Comco Canada Ltd. has been providing quality fuel systems services since 1964. Our experienced team of Licensed Petroleum Mechanics have proven to give quality and timely service for all maintenance, repair and testing needs at our client’s facilities.