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Fuel Polishing and Testing

Diesel fuel that is stored for long periods can become contaminated with particulate matter, microbial growth and water. These contaminants make the fuel unacceptable for engine use.   This can especially be a problem with generator fuels that are used only periodically in the case of a power failure. Removal, cleaning and disposal of diesel product is a very costly proposition because of disposal costs, environmental fees, and the cost of buying replacement fuel.  Often, none of this is necessary. Diesel fuel can be restored to industrial standards by employing fuel polishing and filtration.


Best practices require that fuel stored for more than a year be subject to a “clear and bright” test.   Samples of the fuel are taken from near the bottom of the tank and are inspected by a qualified personal for contamination and suitability for continued use.   If the fuel can be certified “clear and bright” a certificate is issued and the product can continue to be used.

Revitalizing Diesel Fuel

When testing fails it is often necessary to clean the fuel to bring it up to standards. Mobile fuel polishing filters diesel fuel by removing unwanted particulates, microbial growth and water. The general procedures include a coalescer to remove water, primary filtration and secondary polishing using a mobile filtration system.

Upon completion, a report is issued to the client detailing the polishing process, results and recommendations to increase the longevity of the fuel in the future.

Experienced and Licensed Service

Comco Canada Ltd. is licensed by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) of the Fuels Safety Branch for the Province of Ontario as a petroleum contractor. A petroleum contractor license is required to perform fuel polishing services on above and below ground diesel storage tanks. Our diesel fuel polishing system is mobile, and our team is trained, experienced and licensed.