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Compliance Inspections

Compliance Inspections for Fuelling Facilities

Compliance inspections are carried out by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) of the Province of Ontario on a regular cycle for new or existing gas stations, bulk plants, fleet fuelling systems, marinas and generator fuelling systems. Inspections are required: on a periodic basis determined by a risk-based model for a new fuelling facility, for new equipment in the fuelling facility, following an incident, or when non-compliance is discovered.

These inspections can be costly if the system is found to be in non-compliance or if the new equipment/ facility is installed incorrectly. To reduce the likelihood of non-compliance, Comco Canada Ltd. can provide a compliance audit at the request of the client to ensure best practices.

New Facility/ New Equipment Audits

Throughout the process of installing a new facility or new equipment at a fueling station Comco performs identical compliance audits as those used by TSSA inspectors prior to a TSSA compliance inspection. These audits are completed in accordance with Liquid Fuels and Handling Code. The auditing process is used by Comco to reduce and/or eliminate non-compliance by TSSA inspectors, thereby saving our clients added expense.

Routine Audits

Routine audits ensure that a fuelling facility is in compliance with TSSA Standards, and is a way to help clients manage their facility so that there will be a reduction in the overall cost of TSSA inspections. More importantly, these inspection help protect the client from possible downtime caused by non-compliance. Comco provides in depth inspection of a client’s facility, issues a recommendation list to bring the system up to regulatory or best practice standards and can rectify any deficiencies found.

Experience Matters

Comco Canada Ltd. has been a leader in the petroleum industry in Ontario for over 50 years. Our company is a Licensed Petroleum Contractor by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) of the Province of Ontario, and is a founding member of the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association (OPCA). Our qualified licensed petroleum mechanics are continually kept up-to-date with existing and/or new requirements for fuelling facilities in accordance with TSSA Standards. Our compliance auditing experts are the most knowledgeable in the industry, and can guarantee that our client’s fuelling facility (at the time of auditing) is inspected such that our recommendations when completed ensure that the site meets or exceeds the requirements of the TSSA of the Fuels Safety Branch for the Province of Ontario or best practice.