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Noise Assessment

Noise assessments (assessment of sound and vibration impact) are requirements for certain operations to be in compliance with the Environmental Protection Act when applying for an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA). Operations that fall into this category include manufacturing, mining, utilities etc., and applies to proposed new facility design and compliance audits. Comco Canada Ltd. provides noise assessments to meet these requirements.

Noise Assessment – The Process

A noise assessment evaluates the minimum point of reception (closest distance from noise emission to neighbouring facilities) and calculates the minimum allowable separation of source to reception in order to achieve compliance.   Compliance is automatically achieved if the distance is larger. If the distance to the point of reception is less than the minimum then a detailed secondary assessment can be performed to provide a comprehensive evaluation and modelling of noise emissions in accordance with Noise Pollution Control (NPC) Guidelines.

If the detailed assessment reports do not show compliance at a sensitive receptor then a Noise Abatement Action Plan (NAAP) must be completed to identify which noise emissions at the facility need mitigation measures. Mitigation measures may include barriers, earth berms, man-made structures, vegetative screening and active noise cancellation.

Making the Noise Abatement Compliance Process Easy

Comco Canada Ltd. is knowledgeable with requirements of the Noise Pollution Control Guidelines and has thorough understanding of which categories of noise source fall under Environmental Compliance Approval applications that would require a Noise Assessment to be undertaken. Comco is able to help facilitate this process for our clients. We provide comprehensive noise assessments that include recommendations to conform to a Noise Abatement Action Plan if needed.