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Indoor Air Quality

Canadians spend 90% of their time indoors at home, work and in recreational facilities, making indoor air quality an important aspect to our overall health. Pollutants can be in the form of biological, physical or chemical substances and include mould, bacteria, dust, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), tobacco smoke, particulates, off-gas from household products, and building materials (asbestos). Poor air quality can affect health and well-being, causing headaches, allergic reactions, respiratory problems, general malaise, and can also lead to chronic conditions. Since these pollutants are not always visible and may not produce odours, an indoor air assessment may be the only means of measuring indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality Evaluation

Indoor air quality assessments usually begin by conducting a visual inspection to identify areas/equipment that may be sources of pollutants, then determine their correlation with existing ventilation systems. Areas of potentially high pollutant concentrations are identified and air sampler units are installed. Air samples are analyzed for quantitative results of pollutant concentrations and evaluated to determine if there is a potential threat to health or the environment. Although Ontario does not have legislation that deals with indoor air quality, there are guidelines published by Health Canada, the Occupational Safety and Health Act(OSHA) and by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Comco Canada Ltd. uses the standards published in these guidelines as well as best practices when conducting indoor air quality assessments.

Indoor Airborne Petroleum-based Contaminant Evaluation

Exposure to even low concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) may cause severe health problems, and for this reason, indoor air quality testing for VOC’s is conducted whenever Comco works on an indoor petroleum remediation project. VOC concentrations may be mitigated with the use of “air scrubbers” that effectively filter the compounds from the air and provide a safe environment for our workers and for workers in a work place or for occupants of a residence.

Improve the air you breathe

Comco Canada Ltd. provides comprehensive indoor air quality assessments and analyses for both workplace and residential locations. We make recommendations for improving indoor air environment by use of air scrubbers, advanced air filters, improved ventilation design and source pollutant mitigation/elimination.