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Toll Free: 1-800-461-6620 | Barrie: 705-728-0905

Emergency Spill Response

Immediate response is critical in the event of a spill that involves petroleum product (diesel fuel, gasoline, oil, heating oil), chemical solvents, hazardous wastes or any substance that may cause impact on the environment. Failure to respond quickly will often lead to the impacted area, and therefore cost, to increase exponentially.

As required by the Ontario Environmental Protection Act, spills must be reported to the Spills Action Centre (SAC) of the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP) if it is more than 25 litres in an area with public access, or more than 100 litres in an area restricted to public access. Failure to report a spill can result in an Order from the MECP to clean up the spill, or in the alternative, the MOECP can undertake the cleanup and recover the associated costs from the party who caused the spill.

Our Service

Comco Canada Ltd. provides 24/7 emergency spill response and environmental remediation for spills, no matter how challenging or complex. Our experience includes a myriad of scenarios over a period of many years, and has included such events as heating oil spills on residential properties, spills from vehicular accidents on highways, industrial chemical spills, spills in watercourses, and spills that have migrated offsite.

Initial Spill Response Activities

When a spill is called into Comco, an emergency response team is dispatched to the site with the first objective directed toward containment of the spill. The response team will also assess the site and design an initial plan of remediation that will mitigate the environmental impact in a timely and cost-effective fashion. When necessary Comco spill response personnel will liaise with the responding regulatory personnel to ensure clean up moves ahead smoothly.

Once contained the spill response personnel will report back to Comco’s engineers and geoscientist in order to determine the best combination of remedial methods to restore the property to its pre-spill state.

Experience Makes the Difference

Comco Canada Ltd. has a team that is dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable in spill response. Comco has successfully responded to environmental spills on land, in bodies of water, and on watercourses, and is continually on call to respond to emergency spills. Responding quickly to these spills has saved our clients exponential increase in remediation costs. Comco has the necessary experience to respond to spills, with over 50 years of continuous service provision in the south central region of Ontario.