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Contaminated Water Remediation

Sites with impacted groundwater not only risk the quality of our environment but can also be a cause of health problems.  Water standards are regulated by the Ministry of the Environment and Conservation and Parks (MECP) for the Province of Ontario.  Contaminated water can be treated to meet groundwater standards or can even be treated to meet drinking water standards.  When treating contaminated water on a site that has experienced a spill or a leak. Depending on the site conditions, the nature and extent of the contamination, the water/groundwater remediation process can vary from a few months to a few years.

Treatment of Contaminated Water

Comco Canada Ltd.  owns and operates a Water Treatment Unit for the purpose of collecting contaminated water, treating the water, and then returning it back into the environment free of contaminants.  The Water Treatment Unit is fully enclosed, mobile, and can be set up and operated wherever there is a source of electricity and can be operated in conjunction with a portable generator.  The contaminants targeted by the Water Treatment Unit include petroleum hydrocarbons, polyaromatic hydrocarbon, chlorinated solvents and/or volatile organic compounds.  When necessary, leaded gasoline or lead compounds found to be present in the water/groundwater can also be treated.  Regular quality monitoring of the effluent is performed as specified by the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) to ensure that the treated water complies with government requirements or other regulations concerning safe water.

In the case of a more long term project Comco can design and install a custom engineered water treatment system and apply for a site specific ECA.

Professional Service

Comco Canada Ltd. holds several Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Conservation and Parks (MECP).  The ECA is available for public view by visiting the MECP website at and following the links for Environmental Approvals.  Our systems are designed with the aim to increase efficiency of contaminated water treatment and to reduce the length of time for remediation.  Comco’s Environmental Technologists are fully trained in the operation and process of the Water Treatment Unit, and able to adapt the system to suit various site conditions.