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Toll Free: 1-800-461-6620 | Barrie: 705-728-0905


Comco has the experience and equipment to offer a wide range of environmental services. Environmental services are typically required when a substance such as petroleum hydrocarbons have escape containment into the natural environment. An engineer will perform an assessment of each site to outline the most appropriate treatment method based on time and site specific conditions.

Solutions such as in-situ remediation involve treating a contaminant in place using methods such as chemical oxidation. Ex-situ remediation involves removing a contaminant and treating it elsewhere on the property using a bio remediation application. Both can be more long term but cost effective solutions in comparison to a dig and haul method which involves removing contamination and hauling to a Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP) approved treatment facility.

Comco also offers 24 hour emergency spill response to safely contain and clean up spills as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimize the severity of impact to the natural environment.