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Water Quality Assessment

Assessing the Water Quality

Spills, such as those of a petroleum based product, to groundwater and surface water can decrease the water quality making the water source unsafe for human consumption, recreational use and ecological health. Spills and remedial work that have the potential to enter or impact surface water or ground water quality must be monitored and remediated under Regulation of the Environmental Protection Act for the Province of Ontario.

Comco provides a comprehensive water quality assessment that evaluates if remediation or a spill has impacted the water quality. Frequent samples are taken of the water source to ensure the source has not been impacted or that concentrations are not acceptable.  Unacceptable levels require remedial action, as mandated by the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP) under the Environmental Protection Act.


It is often the case that over time surface water and groundwater can undergo natural attenuation to a one time release of contamination. In this case, if no health hazards exist and with ministry approval, a site is monitored for indication of decreasing levels of contamination until the results meet MECP Ontario Regulation 153/04, Provincial Water Quality Objectives (PWQO) and/ or Ontario Drinking Water Standards (ODWS). If, however, the levels are found to continually fluctuate or the source of input is still contributing contamination, then remedial action is required.

If remediation is necessary Comco Canada Ltd. specializes in ex-situ remediation of surface and groundwater using a wastewater treatment unit or a site specific system. These systems draw in contaminated water, treat the water and discharge water free of contaminants.

Experienced Service

Comco Canada Ltd.’s engineers and  professionals conduct hydro–chemical trend evaluations that illustrate the increasing and decreasing concentrations of contaminate in surface water or groundwater. This evaluation pinpoints the source of the input and the areas of contaminant concentration.

Comco’s professional diversity and skilled employees allows for full service consulting, assessment, monitoring and remediation of impacted water. Our knowledgeable team has conducted numerous water quality assessments of wells, creeks, rivers and lakes. Comco environmental staff has extensive knowledge of the requirements and characteristics of water quality to meet guidelines for the Province of Ontario.