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Environmental Compliance Audits

Environmental legislation requires industrial, commercial and manufacturing business to comply with internal and external environmental guidelines. An Environmental Compliance Audit measures, by comparative analysis, compliance with environmental objectives. An Environmental Compliance Audit may be requested by the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP) when there is a new operation being run in a facility, if there has been a history of non-compliance, or if there is a required annual audit. Many industrial, manufacturing, and business enterprises complete Environmental Compliance Audits in order to demonstrate due diligence, prioritize environmental upgrades and to show their customers that there is a commitment to a healthy environment.

Detailed Audit

Comco Canada Ltd. completes a detailed analysis and prepares a report of facilities operations. Historical records, site investigations, interviews, potential contaminant discharges and review of existing permits are examined to evaluate compliance. The data collected is then compared with applicable environmental legislation and guidelines. Any areas of non-compliance are discussed with the client in order to design a solution.

Professional Service:

Our experienced team provides a comprehensive audit along with proposals of solutions to comply with environmental guidelines. Comco is equipped to not only assess your environmental compliance but implement any solutions determined by the assessment.