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Custom Remediation Solutions

Customized Approach

Remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soils, groundwater and surface water is complex, and requires an in-depth knowledge of the contaminants, the environment, and regulatory requirements of the Environmental Protection Act for the Province of Ontario. Due to the wide variety of conditions it is often necessary to design custom remediation systems which are site specific.

Our remedial specialists custom design each remediation system to suit the physical, geological and chemical properties of the location. These remediation systems have been successful for rehabilitating soil and water contamination for a wide variety of situations including, small commercial fuel facilities, as well as large petroleum

spills in a metropolis, or those that occur in remote communities. The goal of Comco Canada Ltd. is to minimize client liability and optimize environmental conditions.

Remedial Action Planning

Remedial action planning begins by evaluating the site conditions through non-intrusive studies of historical records, and intrusive geophysical analysis of the surface and subsurface soils and water, analyses, and plume delineation studies. Our remedial specialists review the study findings and collaborate to provide a remedial action plan that maximizes efficiency and minimizes client cost, while ensuring the plan will meet or exceed regulatory environmental statutes.

Remedial action plans may include one of or a combination of:

  • in-situ and/or ex-situ Bioremediation
  • Removal and disposal
  • Free product recovery
  • Wastewater and/or water treatment

Experience and Innovation

Comco Canada Ltd. has been in the remediation business for over 50 years. Our team has extensive experience in designing both in-situ and ex-situ remediation systems. The system to be utilized is directed by our engineers and geoscientist, utilizing our own qualified and licensed staff. Each system installed is operated, maintained and monitored by qualified Environmental Technologists to ensure the system is efficiently remediating the contamination.

Comco utilizes innovative as well as advanced knowledge and experience to custom design a remedial plan that is beneficial for both the environment and our client’s needs. Comco has designed numerous customized remediation systems that achieve the required regulatory results and the outcomes desired by our clients. Our remedial action plans aim to effectively remove contamination while complying with the client’s financial and time constraints.

Our company is vertically integrated, and therefore, able to provide service which includes: process design, obtaining required regulatory approvals, installation, operation, monitoring, maintenance and decommissioning of our remediation systems. Comco Canada Ltd. has competitive pricing.